Happy New Year!

SPIRIT Family,
Winter Class is about to start Monday 01/07. Riders can still register call Park Visitor Center 703-437-9101
Spirit Volunteers,
Are you ready for a brand new year with Spirit? Spirit really needs you!
This Saturday we invite you, and any your friend who might like to support SPIRIT for volunteer training 9-12 (if weather permits)
Beginning the following week, from 01/07 for next 8 weeks, Monday through Thursday, lessons will be held from 5:00p – 8:00p and Saturday from 9:00a – 12:00p if weather is friendly..
Our Volunteers made 2018 the best supporting SPIRIT with over 12,000 hours, providing almost 9,000 service hours for 280 participants! Let’s see if we can make 2019 even better, together bringing healing and learning to those who need it in community!
We look forward to seeing you soon again in 2019! Welcome back after Holiday season break!


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